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Head of Project Management

BattMan Energy is seeking a project manager with experience from construction or other fields. Read more in our job description.

Why Choose Us

Why choose BattMan Energy

We believe there are many reasons to pick BattMan Energy as your next workplace, we have listed some below.


When working at BattMan Energy, you are also helping the green transition. We there fore believe that there is a big purpose behind our jobs.

Big ambitions

BattMan Energy has big ambitions within the next years. This means that everyone has big responsibilites in their field.


Though we have big ambitions, we also love to have fun while being on this journey. Therefore, we do team events as well as a we focus on having a good atmosphere in the office.

Employees speak

We are proud of all our employees. Read what they think about working at BattMan Energy.

I'm surrounded by highly dedicated and talented colleagues which keeps me motivated each day. As a Project Developer I am working in a dynamic and impactful work environment, fostering personal and professional growth while providing opportunities to shape the future of a more sustainable future.

Sofie Guldager Project developer

Working at a Battman Energy means championing climate solutions daily. Beyond battling the climate crisis, this field offers cutting-edge innovation, accelerating careers across multiple domains. It's not just a job—it's shaping a sustainable future and propelling personal growth.

Simon Diekema Electrical Engineer

Working with the team at BattMan Energy is truly inspiring, as everyone is very skilled within their own field. I like the responsibility which you get from day one in the company, which facilitates your personal growth. Furthermore, working on projects with a bigger purpose is fulfilling and meaningful.

Lukas Specht Project developer