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Developing the energy transition with impact

About Battman energy

Developing the energy transition

BattMan Energy is a clean energy developer specialized in deploying BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) on the utility grid, but also partner in several technologies such as PV, EV-chargers, Carbon Capture, Wind and PtX.

BattMan Energy was established in 2022 by Daniel Kappelgaard with colleagues.

Why we are here

The world is facing an unprecedented climate-crisis, calling for actions and investments in a scale never seen in the history of modern civilization. 

Today, a big part of the solution is through electrification of society, which partly involves de-commissioning traditional power plants, and increasing the VRE (Variable Renewable Energy) penetration in the grid, which is exactly the right things to do. But, if we are not careful, these well-meant initiatives, can result in an electric grid that lack inertia and consistency, and will resultingly be non-reliable and much too expensive to operate. 

This is therefore a challenge we need to solve for an economically sustainable energy transition is to succeed  

Mission & Vision

Battman energy

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  • Mission

    Our mission is to anticipate the future and act fast, to deliver early solutions that power a future of sustainable energy for impact and for-profit

  • Vision

    The vision for us is to develop a world-class portfolio of utility-scale clean energy solutions, initially consisting of products focused on the ancillary services markets, and later also on energy generation.

Our Values



We value speed, and truly believe that speed is the key for a renewable energy transition to be successful, therefore we work with grit and passion to support speeding up the transition.


We embrace innovation – challenging status qou and dare to bet on upcoming technology. We strive to be ahead of the market, and ensure that each solution we deliver has a clever integration and operational strategy.


Having an impact is the foundation of our company. Everything we do, we do to impact our shared world – Our solutions must have a green impact on the electriciation of society, and we only develop project that would not otherwise have been developed without us. We take accountability, and ensure a green footprint throughout our value chain, even at the cost contribution margin.

Our management team

Daniel Kappelgaard

CEO | dk@battman.energy

Alexander kaae


Navid Samandari

Chairman of the Board

Michael Laursen

Head of Sales

Johan Winther

Head of Project Management

Asbjørn Skovgaard

Head of Engineering

Andreas Svendstrup-Bjerre

Head of business development